Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tantra Movement Online Teachings and list of videos

This is complementary or apart material for you, who like to learn at home. Good for our students and as well for people who didn´t participate our workshops yet. One year membership costs only 70 Euro and include
  • Access to our all members videos. For now more than 4 hours and much more is coming. Practise and theory, ready to use. See actual list below
  • Our newest updated version of the book
"Tantra Teachers and Students Guide:All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra"
160 pages, descriptions of our 2 courses, exercises, many videos, advice and reflections will give you good support on your tantra path whatever you participate our workshops or not yet.
  • all other publications.
  • Your personal guide skype hour
  • Possibility of joining secret Tantra Movement Members FB group
As soon as you make your transfer to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 you get access to all those things. Use don't lose it ;)

List Of Tantra Movement Memebers Videos

How to make Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage

How to make Full Body Orgasm Without Touching

G spot

Shiva Shakti Position

Synchronized and Alternate Breath

Shiva Shakti Breath Elements

5 Minutes Tantra

Wild Soul Massage

Typical Sex vs Tantric Love

3 Temples Massage

Neo tantra Massage. Part 1

Essence for Couples.Part 1 with Romanian translation

Essence for Couples 2 with Romanian translation

Tantryczny Masaz Kobiety. Michal Kali Griks


Neo Tantryczny Masaz Kobiety

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Making Love - My daily spiritual practice

This is not only sex
Tantric Sacred Sexuality it is:
Most beautiful, intimate, close, energizing expression of Love to myself and/or to partner
Pranayama ( breathing exercises )
Asanas ( yoga postures )
Being here and now
Awakening the senses
Awakening Kundalini energy
Healing on all levels myself and partner
Liberating from conditionings myself and partner
Empowering myself and partner
Being One
That´s why this is my most efficient, spiritual practice

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

2nd Tantra Interview in Bulgarian TV

I´m very happy for this second interview in Bulgarian TV. I wish it will make energy ready for us to continue sharing Tantra in your country.

According this interview, we are also very thankful dear Friends:
Daniela Jakway not only for filming in beautiful Alania House, retreat centre, in the nature near Balcik,
Janeta Mileva for all help and Love
Christina Kotlarska for the wonderful show!
Ewgeni for translation
... and all people who are with us, who are supporting us on our mission

Hallo Lovely People!
We ask Unconditional Love, Universe and Nature to flow through us, to guide us, to allow us, to be a channel that the Love may flow from Universe and from Nature through our words to your minds and hearts. With that intentions, we go for solutions: To continue my school year, our retreats and our Love and tantric wisdom flowing in Bulgaria we have to find organiser of our events. In order to achieve this we count on all of you, who like us to keep coming to Bulgaria to support that process in any possible ways. We have some ideas:
1st Ask everyone around, people, places, organisers, especially in Sofia to manage our retreats.
2nd: Make everyone who is interested in Tantra as member of Tantra Movement Bulgaria fb group and to like our page(s)
3rd: Spread some info about us everywhere around in all possible ways. We feel most handy would be sharing TV interviews 

from 2016…
from 2017 (see above)
Of course inviting everyone to the group (everyone can do it):
and sharing the page:
.... and use your creativity. We love Bulgaria, we love all you there, we wish to continue, now is all up to you, my Friends and students
Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tantra Introduction day in community Badulina in Spain

Tantra Introduction Day
24 June 2017 Orgiva, Spain
Tantra Movement after travels, searching, and exploring the planet, finally, slowly  is getting rooted. We found home in wonderful community , in one of the most spiritual oases of the world, Orgiva, Andalusia, south of Spain.
The intentions of our first event here are to connect, to liberate, to share unconditional love and to grow into sacred sexuality. All those aspects are included in tantra - for us high spiritual path and very efficient activism for whole humanity, Mother Earth, animals and whole universe.
This is the program of the day

1. 10.00 - 11.00 Tantra Yoga (5 E)
2. 11.00 - 12.00 Fruity light breakfast (3 E)
3. 12.00 - 13.00 Tantra Kriya Yoga (5 E)
4. 13.00 - 14.00 Vegan lunch (9 E)
5. 14.00 - 16.00 Sat sang:  Being one through tantra (free contribution)
6. 16.30 - 17.00 Salade break (3E)
6. 17.00 - 20.00 Taste of Tantra workshop (30 E)
7. 20.00 Sharing circle ritual ( experience, feelings, food )
Whole day 10.00 - 21.30 (50 E)

You may choose one or more of the parts, what fit you most or you may stay with us whole day. We wish that each of you may find something best for yourself.

Whole profit would go for building up, improving our retreat, cultural and spiritual centre in Badulina community.
When you feel that price is to high for some reason and you feel to be on the event just contact us to find best solution.

Who we are:
Tantra Movement School introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It´s a way of deep experience, abandoning concepts, energy exchange, gaining awareness, entering a true intimate relationship with yourself and others. It expands you to the deepest and highest levels of love and ecstasy through exploring all dimensions possible to you. From the place where you are we support you on your journey of growing into your full potential.

My 10 years long tantric experience, 5 years intensive teaching, graduating tantra masseur and trainer levels on Rasayana Tantra Academy and Alina's love and yoga, gives us the power of partnerchiat, power of free and conscious relationship to share tantra wisdom with you

Growing organically, new community Badulina is a fertile ground for many more other initiatives and connections than our dream for retreat centre.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions
Michal Kali Griks

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Taking care for your students. Advice for Tantra teachers inspired by my Kundalini Yoga teacher

I got fortunate to have one of the best teacher in my life, Hari Kaur van der Zwan, who gave me individual Kundalini Yoga Teacher Course.


At the first class she told me: " Now as you´re my student, I take some responsibility for you. You may count on my support at any time. Even if you have issue in the middle of the night and you knock to my door with request for help, I should leave behind all my things, what I´m busy at that moment and be there for you. ."

And was really like this. I could really count on her as on my best friend. Sometimes instead of theory classes, we had my "private counselling sessions". She always gave her time for it. I could speak with her about my family, my emotions and other all kind of problems. Extra beauty in it, was that she never judged me or putted me down but in the same time she showed me reality in the ways how it widened my perspectives, showed me another points another angles of the situations and another deep insights of wisdom .

After her full of deep insights coaching I felt uplifted, sure what to do next and knowing how to stay aligned with the universe.

Thank you Hari Kaur.

Michal Kali Griks