Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gratitude to time in Thailand

Hallo Lovely People.
With this post we would like to express our gratitude to Thai island, Koh Phangan. It is one of the most beautiful places very important at the spiritual map of the earth. There so many yoga schools and centres, so many tantric events are happening in this oasis for those who seek. All surrounded by beautiful crystal water, jungle nature and smiling people.
First we would like to thank to our great teacher here ( and everywhere ) , our own nature as Mother Earth. It was great to sleep outside hearing voices of the jungle, village dogs, insects, birds, all kind of animals. It was wonderful to go everyday to the ocean to adore beautiful, colourful fishes, corals. It was great to feel warmth of the sun. It was adventurous to discover another stunning waterfalls, view points, paths through the jungles, another butterflies,plants fruits and animals.
We thank all our students for going so deep into the nature, for their friendship, connection and love, for great time together and for everything
We thank naked Zen beach with it´s atmosphere and life music at amazing sunsets.
We thank Agama Yoga School for their morning meditations, Sat Sangs, Bhajan evenings and other interesting activities.
We thank Ban Sabai for great psy trance parties, where, while sober, we could loose ourselves into the dance
We thank Koh Phangan Vegan Fruit Lovers group ( especially Colin Walkden ) for great, inspiring, informative and mniammy put lucks every Mondays.
We thank you all for making us wanting to come back. We wish the energy will flow into that direction :)

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

Monday, March 6, 2017

Vegan Tantra Retreat in Thailand

Hallo lovely people !
I´m Michal Kali Griks. I graduated Tantra Trainer and Masseur level at Rasayana Tantra Academy in Netherlands. I teach tantra since 5 years. I´m vegan since 8 years.
We would like to invite you to tantra workshop and retreat to show this deep connection what tantra have with veganism.
introduction in Thursday, 9 march from 16.00 - 19.30
and whole retreat is from Friday 10.00 - Sunday 20.00
Why vegans could benefit from tantra and why tantra practitioners could benefit from being vegan ?
What does tantra have to do with veganism?
It´s all about connection.
This beautiful believe "We are all one", tantra is transforming into a real experience. Through tantric love-making, massage or just exercise, we may feel one, within ourselves, as well as with our partner, with other people, animals, nature and the whole universe. When we feel everything as a part of us and ourself as a part of everything, it´s natural that, we would like  to create just happiness and not pain or sadness.
It´s all about energy
Physically, through tantra, we may generate an enormous energy, by making love even whole night. We bring that energy up instead of losing it through peak orgasm and finishing tired after less than 10 minutes (in avarage). This great energy we may use to create more happiness in our own life and the lives of others. With this deeper felling of connectedness, we are also able to feel pain of animals, abused women, hungry children etc... We like to use this beautiful and powerful energy to stop all of this and especially by to not cause it ourselves.
That´s unconditional love beyond limits. Share it !

This workshop/retreat is an introduction to this concept. You will hear a little more about theory and learn some of the basic and most efficient for rest of you life
Singles and couples are welcome!¨
Like on every of our activities we require from you to eat vegan at least for the time of practise
We will give you Tantra yoga morning classes.
During breaks we create together delicious vegan meal in the pot luck style ( everyone brings something )
For introduction: 200 BHT

For retreat
Couple only 1900 BHT, Single 1000 BHT

But remember that in TMS we treat money as tool not as barrier so we would always find solution


Near Srithanu, Koh Phangan Thailand

For more details, booking etc. do not hesitate to ask

PS: here is our tantra vegan flyer:

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

Friday, March 3, 2017

10 Best qualities of Tantra teacher according Tantra Movement School

1.       It`s your good friend, always there for you.
2.       There`s unconditional love flowing between
3.       He/she is there to empower you. To liberate you. To support you to find real guru, real master, real teacher, real god/goddess in yourself.
4.       He/she is always student. Every workshop, retreat, lecture he is not only teaching but he is learning, practicing, exercising and improving in the end his/her teaching as well.
5.       He/she is always student. To keep the balance and stay updated he constantly is studying, developing new things, he is reading a lot because he wishes to provide you with always best answer and best guidance.
6.       But he/she is always honest and authentic. When he/she doesn't know something he/she is willing to find it out for you or guide how you, your self may find it.
7.       He is authentic. When he is in the process (emotions) himself/herself, he/she doesn`t suppress it. He/she allows himself/herself to be a human being and being seen like this. This encourage students to be authentic themselves as well.
8.       He is shining example what he is teaching. When he is teaching about something what he still didn`t achieve and is not in the moment at least he is very frankly about it.
9.       He is allowing you to have your own opinion, own way. Sometimes he may encourage or even provoke you to disagree. He/she doesn`t pretend to be always right and he/she is willing or even happy to change her/his mind.
10.   He/she gives you the guide lines not the rules. He/she is showing you directions but you have to choose. He/she is giving you the path, experience but it's you who have to make the steps. He is not always holding your hands. He allows you to fall and make mistakes without feeling that you did permanent job.
11.   He/she has the ability to listen and reflect on it, even beyond the lines.
12.   He/she is happy when their students become better than he/she is
We will enroll on those subjects more soon in our book.
More of 10 best tantric movies, advice,books.... you may find here 

Michal Kali Griks and Alina SImuleac

10 best Tantric quotes followed by Tantra Movement School

1.       Breathe and smile, life is beautiful.
2.       Clarity is the way out from confusion.
3.       Love will conquer all.
4.       Use it, don`t lose it.
5.       Transform your problems into opportunities to grow.
6.       There is no way to x, x is the way.
7.       Sacred tantric sexuality it is the most closed, intimate, direct, energizing and uplifting expression of love.
8.       Beauty stays in the eyes of the beholder.
9.       First person who you may change is yourself
10.    We are all connected, we are one.

More of 10 best tantric movies, advice,books.... you may find here 

Michal Kali Griks and Alina SImuleac

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New moon update gift

Hallo Lovely People ! Here is your usual new moon gift. As universe like us that we rest from retreats and give some time for the book, here are the effects. With moon energy of Koh Phanghan, this beautiful Thai island, we give you the seeds to nourish and spread further :)
A lot of descriptions of the practice this time. Everyday there are new parts appearing. When you would like to be updated freshly, you may check this our page:
Also to make it more clear and more prffesional, we created Tantra Movement You Tube Channel:
and there is new beautiful page for Tantra Movement Romania created:
also we are on the new page,new start in Bulgaria:
Enjoy and get inspired
Our healthy egos are very happy from all your likes but when you share, not only them are happy but all the world is happy :) , so share love unconditionally. Sharing rE<3OLution -starts from you ;) here and now!
Love and light
Ps: Soon also in paper version :) but use digital one as well to save the trees
Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

Monday, February 27, 2017

The most important is energy. Advice for tantra teachers

The most important is energy. All rest are details. They`re important as well but only when they support energy. When you`re too much focus on details not on energy you`re missing the point. In the same way when you make love, techniques supposed to support the energy not distract it, when you give workshops details should do it as well. Sharing tantra is like love making. The energy is most important. When details, techniques are not perfect enough, workshops, act of love is not the time to be focus on them, especially this usually is taking you away from energy flow. Your teachings, your love it is the time to be focus on energy. To improve details and techniques, you may do out of your bed, class room.

I`m writing it because I saw so many times energy broken by stress of song not playing correctly, someone being late etc. 

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac Koh Phanghan, Thailand 26.02.2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Use it! Don`t lose it! Basic Tantric Practise

Use it! Don`t lose it!

This is one of the most important tantric practice into tantric sexuality. First, I would describe the differences between typical sex and tantric love making. In mainstream sex, mainly only the man is reaching peak orgasm and then, whatever we like or not, sexual act ends because big loss of energy. In tantric love making, we may make love for hours and we are the one who are deciding "wow… for now is enough". Because of that, we are satisfied and also energized as well. That`s in very short.

Let`s go step by step more into the details: in typical sex man is so keen to start the penetration, that for him foreplay doesn`t have to exist. They can start straight away, but they maybe read from some sexual books or maybe they heard from their woman that the female need much more time to get ready. So, they do bit of the foreplay, in average less than 10 minutes, what is still too less for the woman and her yoni to be ready. This leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, numbness and physical pain in yoni, sexual trauma etc.

After this too short foreplay the penetration begins and in average last less than 6-7 minutes, what again is too less for the woman. Man, reaches so cold "point of no return", the moment after he cannot stop his ejaculation anymore and so called "peak orgasm", (for man specifically ejaculatory orgasm) is happening. The man through ejaculation is losing so much energy and  then "what happens next?" - I always ask my students and they usually know the answer: "he goes to sleep". He is so tired that usually he says: "Darling I love you but now I have to go to sleep", he turns his back, and before she answers he is already snoring. I don`t need to add that this leaves the woman in very unsatisfied situation. It`s a bit like the electricity went off, while you were enjoying the best, exciting scene in action movie. When the woman is so lucky that she may achieve peak orgasm (the clitoral orgasm), she doesn`t lose so much energy like a man but usually enough that she loses her interest in continuing. This loss disable her from achieving higher orgasms what are very healing, liberating, energizing. That`s why this basic way of tantric love what I guide you here, have to be applied not only by the men but by the women as well.

In tantric love making, we let the woman decide when she would like to begin penetration. This have some reasons but main of them are: first that at least she will also have some pleasure, and second that her yoni would be ready for penetration, what may bring healing experience in place of traumatizing one.

When penetration begins, excitement rises up quickly and before we reach point of no return, we use, in the same time, three connected with each other methods:

1.       Tiding PC muscle
2.       Breath
3.       Visualization

Notice that you use them all together (similar technique in sexual Tao is called "Cosmic orbit")

AD 1: PC muscles- more about it you may read in practical leaflet further in the book, so I would keep it shortly. The easiest explanation is [quote of our leaflet]

"…PC muscle: Training PC muscle is one of the most simple but also most efficient and beneficial technique that people can get from tantra. There are many health, physical,mental and sexual benefits of training that muscles. Next time when you go to toilet, on every breath in,stop urinating. Recognize clearly which muscles you use. That´s PC muscle. When you know them, squeeze them and relax them 30 times,3 times per day. Keep on practice. As you will notice training PC muscle is not visible for others and doesn´t take your attention, so it's perfect to do it in all possible situations (I´m doing it even while I´m writing this text :)I bet with everyone that after 1 month training, you would be thankful for that information...and I haven't lost yet:)

With tiding PC muscle you shoot the energy up.

AD 2: With breath inhalation you suck the energy up. Also, notice that you may slow down your excitement and gain control when you slow down the breath.

AD 3: Visualization. It`s very truth what they say, energy goes where attention goes. That`s why, we help the flow with our visualization. You may visualize energy as you like: green light ball, flame, snake, stream of light, ray etc.

Together AD: 1+2+3

First you breath in with tiding PC muscle and with visualizing the energy going from your genitals through the back of the spine to the level of the heart (at the beginning of your practice), then second with breath out, you relax PC muscle and you visualize the energy going down from your heart back to your genitals. You repeat this circle 5-7 times, up till you feel that too much energy in your genitals, what was ready to explode through peak orgasm, is brought to the heart, and you feel away from the point of no return. Then you may continue with the penetration again. Again, and again each time before point of no return (better too early than too late because then is game over and loss of energy happens), you make 5-7 of those circles and you continue like that. After already 2-4 times you may feel that you experience ecstasy higher than in typical sex and you may go on like this as high as you like. The time is passing what especially for your goddess may feel like "wow". Then after feeling so much bliss, overwhelmed by sensations or maybe just noticing that is already morning and maybe time to get up the kids, eat, etc.…  together with your partner, you decide to finish your beautiful love making.


From one side tantra is guiding you to be fully absorbed here and now with your lover, with this beautiful energy of sharing love. You may ask yourself: how I may achieve that state when I have to be busy with some complicated technique?

Do you remember yourself or your kids learning bicycling? You had to be busy with your steering wheel, pedalling, keeping balance, looking up not on the feet… - so many complicated things at once. Only enthusiasm of the kid made you keeping trying and falling many times. Do you ever have to think about all those things while you're cycling? No. You may have interesting conversation or study audio book while you cycle and all those complicated  things doesn't take anymore your attention at all.

I would like you, to remember this example and to keep the enthusiasm of that child wanting to cycle, also when you are at the tantric practice. To make it easier and less challenging, take your practice also out of your bedroom. Especially at the beginning any scratch or shout of your goddess may push you out of the edge, over the point of no return. Self-love practice would be safer and would help you to absorb the energy and technique. You may train PC muscle and breath separately. Then after you got more familiar, you may combine them together and then apply the visualization. With practice, I'm sure, you will make this technique as part of your nature and you could fully enjoy your goddess(god). By the way, for women we highly recommend for PC muscle, exercises with yoni egg (you may buy it from us by relatively good price) J .

Men are often asking me: When, then I may ejaculate? My answer is: as rare as possible. Why lose your precious energy? Why lose opportunity of higher realms of ecstasy just for how we call it in tantric circles,"sneezing" orgasm? Believe me, when you once taste tantric love making, you would never would be interested in peak orgasms. However, when it happens, do not feel guilty or shameful. There is too much of those in human sexuality and with tantra, we are healing from guilt and shame and we don't want to create more of it. But remember to keep your intention strong and clear. 

Especially at the beginning is good to go for 49 days challenge. After such a period without peak orgasm, your physical addiction from ejaculation ends. The hormones, what are so strong like in heroin addicted person, are stopped to being produced and you`re free. Only your mental attachment could be still there but this, we remove by creating better, new experiences also on our workshops.49 days challenge, means that you do all best to keep without peak orgasm for 49 days while maintaining your sexual life active. Whenever it happens, without being annoyed with yourself, you just start counting days from beginning. Remember you are in the learning process and the patience with your mistakes and transferring them into opportunities to grow are a very important aspects of tantra. Perseverance against all odds and keeping your intention strong and clear could be another good virtue to learn through that process. 

One more thing to mention is good to realize that for many reasons, 1 from 5 women, 20% of female population, never or very rarely, experienced clitoral orgasm. For those we exceptionally say go for it and enjoy it. We compare peak orgasm with another ones as crash (kindergarten) to university already (not even the basic school). For those 1 from each 5 women we say: go to kindergarten first, enjoy and explore but don`t stay there all life or too long, while you, like everyone without exception may reach tantric higher orgasms of university. 

Use it don't lose it :)